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Vertical Platform Lift

A Vertical Platform Lift For The Disabled To The Construction Worker

Many people don't think about how different types of lifts can change so many people's lives, in the home and in the workplace. When talking about a vertical platform lift, you cover a range of different models and designs on on them.

They generally fall into a few categories. For residential use, construction use, internal lifts or external lifts. Basically, residential platform lifts would typically be things like inclined lifts which you could use inside or outside to move to different floors of the home and stair lifts are permanent lifts designed to move above stairs which all provide easy access for people in wheel chairs or scooters.

Vertical Platform Lift

Although most lifts seem permanent, you also have the portable platform lifts that can be used for many purposes. They have wheels attached to them and a jack to raise it. One of the best, top known businesses that specializes in access platform lifts for the disabled is the Platform Lift Company. They are a UK based business and they have a huge range of products available.

For construction use, you'd typically see a vertical platform lift such as a top quality commercial brand like a Genie Scissor lift. Scissor lifts are part of the aerial lift family and are typically are only vertical lifts but may also have extended bridges attached to them. They are preferred over many other lifts because of their fail-safe option. This consists of using a manual level to bring down the platform without using any power.

All types of lifts are made differently. Originally, most aerial devices were only hydraulic made. This means that they have to use some kind of fluid power to work. This is also true of pneumatic powered lifts. They each have their benefits, but hydraulic lifts typically have more force power. However, these kinds of lifts are usually too heavy duty and big for jobs where they they only need something lightweight.

Electronically designed lifts are gaining popularity in smaller residential areas where the hydraulic platform lifts cannot go. Prices also vary for different powered system lifts. Buying used could save you a lot of money and buying online can give you a much wider variety of lifts on the market. Whenever using any type of lift or vertical platform lift, be sure to use the utmost safety procedures, whether you're in the workplace or just going from floor to floor at home.

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