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Storage Lifts

There Are Many Options When It Comes To Storage Lifts

Space is a critical matter for growing families and anyone who has limited space. Because of not enough space, people will sell their homes and move to new ones or they can't park their car in the garage because of storage space. But there are storage lifts that can dramatically clean up the attic, make more space in the shed and even get a lift up storage bed to create more room in the bedroom during the day for say such things as, doing yoga in privacy. One of the most popular lifts that save optimum space are ceiling or vertical storage lifts. These are ways to save space on the floor to give walking way or even to prevent stacking. These kind can hold 250 lbs and can hang up to 12 ft high. 

If you're looking to make space in the house, such as the bedroom or even the living room, there are lift and hide storage compartments that can come disguised as a bench. This design can also be referred to as the "lift top" design. The benches are usually covered in some kind of fabric so it can blend in with the rest of the furniture.

The other area of a home that is likely to collect and clutter with storage is the garage. In there you typically have cars, bikes and other storage odds and ends that take up all that precious parking space. Making use of the ceiling is very handy. There are garage storage lifts that can come designed like shelving units or just vertical lifts. The Loft-It storage lift system can hold up to 1200 lbs and has a lock key control switch to ensure safety.

Bike storage lifts are great too, to get them off the ground and save more space. Also some can be connected to the back of a tow hitch on a car or can be strapped on or even on the roof of the car. The brand Thule also makes lifts that is handy to get big stuff that you haven't or will not use, out of the way. They act like vertical lifts too or you can even get Thule storage containers that strap on the roof of your car or truck.

If you have a lot of vehicles and the luxury of a large storing place for them, to save more space car or auto storage lifts can hold up to one car off the ground to many depending on the kind of design you choose. From lightweight to heavy storage systems, space can enhanced.

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