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Hydraulic Lift Table

Building A Better Garage

Your garage is just about complete. You have every tool you could possibly need to handle any type of auto work, but you still haven't purchased a hydraulic lift table. Most of the tables on the market are going to be scissor lift types, but if you are willing to spend a few extra dollars you can get a pneumatic lift table. If you are using it for auto work you are probably going to want a lift table with a fairly high capacity. 

When you are choosing a hydraulic lift table, your best bet is to go on the web and look up some product review sites. There are plenty to look at and you can price compare the ones with the features you like best. A rather standard model would be have a lift capacity of 800 lbs. with a platform size of 20"w x 36"l and have a foot pedal to raise and lower the table. Other features would be torsion tubes for side to side stability and a pressure control valve for controlled lowering of the table.

Hydraulic Lift Table

If you are a cyclist you might want to consider a more specialized motor cycle lift table. You can get a hydraulic lift table for your motorcycle or an electric lift table. The good thing about a motorcycle lift table is that it can be used for things other than just a motorcycle. Then major difference is the length of the table. 

One of the best features about your hydraulic lift table is that even the mid to large ones are fairly mobile. They are easy to move around your garage and easy to store when fully lowered. Even though a lift table is not inexpensive, once you purchase one and begin using it in your garage you will wonder what you ever did without one in the first place. You can justify the expense the same way you would any other major tool in your garage. The convenience of having the right tool for the job that saves time and makes the work much easier is more than enough to justify the expense.

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