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Fork Lift Parts

Buying Fork Lift Parts

There are a variety of fork lift parts available on the market today. To match the part to your vehicle you will need to know the model and serial number of your truck or the part number. This may seem a bit of a mundane thing to do from replacing that missing light or a faulty brake but due to safety laws, which were set in 1998, these must be fixed so it is safe for you or your employees to use.

Any fault with your fork lift truck that needs fork lift parts must be repaired as soon as possible due to lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations, all lifting equipment are required to be strong, stable and used safely. This means that your fork lift truck should be maintained in good working order and all fork lift drivers should be trained to operate the vehicle otherwise you will be liable for a law suit.

Fork Lift Parts

There is a list of daily checks you should do to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and will not require any fork lift parts. The list includes leaks, hydraulics fluid levels, chains & fixing bolts, steering, service brakes, warning lights, operating system, safety guards, fuel & oil levels and many more. You should always check your vehicle before driving it in case there is any fault as this may cause an accident to yourself or employees working alongside you.

If you find a fault there are always fork lift parts available to repair your fork lift truck. This could be anything from hydraulic lift parts, gate parts, tail lift parts, suspension lift parts, wheel lift parts and many more. The prices will vary depending on the make and model of your fork lift truck but there are plenty of places to purchase the parts from the Internet to your local DIY store. You’re best to shop around to get the best price and most shop will always offer advice if you are unsure as to what part you need. If you intend to purchase a part on line, most offer fast delivery times. Plus if you are unable to find the part you are looking for, always enquire as most shops will be able to locate the part and buy it in for you.

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