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Drywall Lift

A Drywall Lift Makes Life Easier And Faster!

Drywall is hung and installed in homes, buildings, garages for walls and ceilings. Drywall is made up of gypsum plaster that has some additives in it to make it fireproof, water resistant and prevents the growth of mold. People love drywall because it's extremely versatile. You can paint it, wallpaper it and texture it. But to be able to do those things first, you have to have it installed and these days, no one can afford a contractor to do it for them, so it's pretty much up to yourself to make the necessary repairs and renovating in your home.

Before there was such a thing as a drywall lift, it took either really good skills in holding drywall in place to then secure it to the wall joint or ceiling joist or the easier way to do it was to have a couple people hold the sheet while someone secured it in place. One of the most common drywall tools that ever person who installs drywall for a living or who is even taking up a drywall project at home, must have is a drywall lift. A drywall lift makes the job so much easier to install drywall. It only takes one person and it can take seconds to have it hooked and held in place.

Drywall Lift

There are many different kinds of these lifts. They all look very similar, and work on the same principle, but they have different methods of hoisting the drywall. Some of the most known brands are Troy, Canada, Sumner, Harbor Freight, Telpro and Prohoists. They all sell and specialize in some of the best drywall lifts and hoists there are. Prices for a new drywall hoist lift can vary from the low hundreds to the high hundreds. Buying used is also a great benefit not only when buying a drywall lift but also used parts. To save money when maintaining or repairing a lift, you can find parts such as the foot for a a drywall foot lift or a jack and even an extension for cheaper than $20.00.

Some drywall lifts have a hand cranking winch, which will be cheaper. You also have lifts where you can use your electric drill to make the winch work, which saves energy and a lot of time. Many people who have used them can never again go without. Not only does it hang drywall for the walls, but there are lifts that hang the walls and the ceilings.

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