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Aerial Work Platform

An Aerial Work Platform Has More Than Just One Design

Aerial man lifts are a great asset and tool for many jobs that require access to things where height is an obstacle. A basic definition of an aerial work platform is a mechanical machine that has platforms for someone to stand which is used to provide access to areas that are hard to get too. This is a huge aid in building, electrical maintenance, construction and even for emergencies. When in the market for lifts, there's huge variety to choose from ranging from big time known brands such as Genie and JLG to Snorkel. Not only is there a huge variety in brands, but a huge variety in types of lifts. 

An aerial work platform can come in many different designs. The first type of aerial work platform that most people would recognize are the boom lifts. It has a small platform for someone to stand and then the operator is lifted by an adjustable shaft that kind of looks like an arm extending. These are great for being able to get into narrow spaces and comes with out and over capabilities.

Aerial Work Platform

Another very common lift is the Scissor. Unlike the boom, it can only go vertical. Sometimes there is an extended platform but the maximum capabilities only go up. It's called the Scissor because of it's criss cross "X" design when lifting the platform. Although it only has the one movement to go straight up, it's preferred over many lifts because, depending on how they're made, they usually don't need any power to bring it back down. This fail-safe option is a safety feature that many workers are attracted to.

An aerial work platform has come a long way in design in becoming what it is today. You now have lifts connected to vehicles like a fire engine truck. Buying used lifts, equipment and parts online can save you a lot of money. Although they're used, the price tag is a lot more attractive than a new price sticker. But like when buying with anything used, you have to know what you're looking at and know something about it so that you don't end up paying more for maintenance in the long run. Most working people fall under OSHA's jurisdiction. They have a variety of functions but their main goal is to improve the working condition, establish and enforce protective standards. OSHA stands for Occupational, Safety and Health Administration. But just remember when working with any type of equipment, safety comes first.

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